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Today, convergence is creating a presence network that empowers your clients and associates to connect whenever, wherever, and however. It goes beyond integrating voice into your data network. Convergence adds email and chat to your call center; allows for instant, real-time conferencing, and collaboration; and saves money by utilizing existing investments with new technology to deliver results faster than ever before. CCC Technologies designs, implements, and supports application-rich presence networks and contact centers as an Avaya Gold Connect and Avaya SME Expert for businesses of all sizes nationwide.


Because the network has become embedded in every step of the business process, protecting and preserving it is more important than ever. As a CompTIA Security Trustmark accredited business, CCC Technologies has the expertise to help organizations determine their risk mitigation posture for both Unified Threat Management and Backup and Recovery. CCC Technologies also offers off-site secure backup vaulting for clients who need network recovery redundancy as part of their business continuity plan.


In addition to Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure, Unified Threat Management, and Backup and Recovery, CCC Technologies delivers a full suite of Managed Services for organizations of all sizes. Our certified engineers will work with your team - or as your team - to resolve issues, monitor performance, and maximize uptime.



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