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Managed Backup and Recovery

Managed Backup & Recovery Services


CCC Technologies features on-premise backup and recovery solutions from Unitrends and can include management of both onsite data backup and offsite data vaulting as part of your managed services solution.


We also offer Business Continuity Replication (offsite backup and recovery in the cloud), learn more with our Managed Cloud Services.


Onsite Managed Data Backup

CCC Technologies will provide support and configuration of an on-premise backup device. We will continually monitor and verify integrity of the data backup according to the client schedule. CCC will work with all necessary parties to ensure the remediation of the backup data for an increased level of risk mitigation in the event of a disaster or catastrophic failure.


Offsite Managed Data Vaulting

CCC Technologies integrates all-in-one on-premise backup and archiving appliances with a multi-tenancy cloud-based architecture in our data center. CCC offers comprehensive solutions for the fast physical seeding of customer data into the cloud.


This service solves many of the challenges and concerns with cloud computing such as performance of local backup, initial data synchronization, and security. Our vaulting service provides data encryption, on-premise appliance integration, and fast physical seeding of customer data into the cloud. For fast recovery CCC also offers full restoration of the customer on-premise appliance with the protected data from the cloud.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Data Center Features


Network Specifications

• Built to ANSI/TIA 942 data center standards • Redundant bandwidth to multiple carriers
• Multiple Physical POEs (points of entry) for fiber inputs • BGP4 on border routers - redundant routing path
• Dual 10GB fiber connections for high bandwidth needs • Geographically stable (low disaster occurrence)
• 100 Mbps and 1 GB connections or better  


Power Specifications

• Generator backup - 24 hours of on-site fuel + re-fuel • N+1 CRAC Power Redundancy
• Dense high capacity circuit distribution • Lead-acid batteries for backup at full load
• 120 VAC and 208 VAC (single & 3-phase) • High capacity UPS and ATS
• 24/7/365 Electrical circuit load monitoring/management • 24/7/365 monitoring and certified generator maintenance


Environmental Specifications

• Redundant HVAC at 70 degrees F (+/- 2 degrees) • N+1 power redundancy on all environmental systems
• Computer controlled humidification system • 24/7/365 HAVC certified emergency service
• Liebert data center grade air in N+1 setup • 15 foot ceilings for optimum ambient air temperature
• Liquid detection and monitoring system  


Fire Suppression Specifications

• FM-200 fire suppression system  
• Photoelectric early warning smoke detectors  
• Fail-safe alarm system prevents false discharge/tampering  




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