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ConvergeConnect® Overview Evolution of Hosted Voice


Key Features

Find Me Follow Me/Simultaneous Ring Unified Messaging (Voicemail to Email)
End User & Administrator Portal Access Automated Attendant & Incoming Call Manager
Multi-line Hunt Groups Unlimited Local Calling per Seat
500 Minutes US/Canada Long Distance per Seat Directory of All Users
Music on Hold Direct Inward Dialing (DID) for All Users
Unavailable Calling Forwarding (per DID/Seat)  


Standard System-wide Features

Web-based Administration Auto Attendant
Shared Line Appearance Outgoing Call Blocking
Mandatory Account Codes Selective Call Rejection
Anonymous Call Rejection Toll Restriction
Find Me Follow Me Business Group Dialing Plan
Special Intercept Announcements Multi-line Hunt Groups
Music on Hold Click-to-call (with Desktop Assistant)
Remote Worker Support Call Logs


Standard Individual User Features

Station-to-station Intercom Calling Do Not Disturb
Message Waiting Lamp Line State Monitoring
Call Park/Retrieve Directed Call Pick-up
Short Codes (group and personal) Account Codes (mandatory and optional)
Internal/External Caller ID Presentation Distinctive Ring for Internal/External Calls
Call Forwarding (unconditional, busy, selective, fixed) Call Rejection (anonymous or selective)
Automatic Recall (AR) and Callback (AC) Call Waiting (with or without Caller ID)
Caller ID/Calling Name (delivery and blocking) SimRing
SIP Call Forking Find Me Follow Me


Optional Features

Fax to Email as Adobe PDF Toll Free Number
Portal Assistant (Click-to-call) from MS Outlook Portal Mobile (Smartphone App)
ATA Line (Analog line for Fax or other application) Premium Automated Attendant (including sub-menus)
Custom Music on Hold Call Recording/ACD Reporting
Speech-to-Text (Transcribe voicemail to text) Additional DID Numbers




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